Puro® Floor Scales


The Puro® floor scales are a sturdy weighing solution for diverse industrial weighing needs. The scales unite the most needed applications in one multi-purpose indicator with large display for a comfortable user operating experience along with accurate and reliable results in a second. Combined with the robustness and durability of the platforms, the floor scales fit comfortably in any environment while offering simple charging and connection technology.
- Application package: Indicator
- Applications:
Weighing, Counting, Check Weighing, Check Counting, Totalization
- Display: 1 front display
- Capacity: 1,500 kg
- Resolution: 3,000 d
- Protection class: IP43
- Material
Indicator: plastic
Frame: painted carbon steel
Load plate: painted carbon steel
- Dimension in mm: 1500 x 1500 x 100